Brush to Blush: The Ins and Outs of Victorian Makeup

In the 21stcentury, our makeup is highly relegated and tested, and so we know that it’s safe. At Brush to Blush, we take pride in the fact that all our products are 100% safe, authentic, and fashionable. However, in Victorian England, many of their cosmetics were odd, ineffective, or downright toxic. Let’s take a look at some of the most distinctive cosmetics of the time.

Victorians had two styles of makeup: natural and painted. Natural makeup was associated with aristocrats and those of high class, and painted was considered lowbrow, worn by entertainers and prostitutes. Natural makeup was mostly focused on achieving pale skin, through the use of cold cream and rouge. The painted look used actual white paint on their skin. Many of these paints contained lead, mercury, and arsenic, which damaged the skin, necessitating more white paint to be applied.

Another interesting product was belladonna. At the time, pale skin and wide, watery eyes were considered attractive, because they were associated with tuberculosis. Women would mimic the watery eye look by putting drops of perfume, citrus, or famously, belladonna, into their eyes. However, since belladonna is a poisonous flower, usage in the eyes usually led to blindness.

Thankfully, makeup science has come a long way since the Victorian Era. Brush to Blush is committed to helping you find a safe, attractive, and confidence-boosting look, no matter what year it is!

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