Kozy Travels: How To Make Your Road Trip Great!

Although vaccines are being administered all over the world, the pandemic is far from over, and airports and train stations are still dangerous. So what are you and your friends gonna do? You’re probably bored to death of the same city after all this time. The answer is simple… ROAD TRIP!

To some, the idea of driving for hours may not seem so appealing, but with the right prep and the right friends, you can keep the party rolling! Make sure to curate your playlist– we recommend something with a lot of sing-along songs. Make sure to invest in a four-way charger, so everyone can have their devices! Drive with the window down, and don’t be afraid to make frequent stops– whether for food, bathroom breaks, or sheer curiosity about that alien-themed beef jerky place.

Don’t let the pandemic prevent you from getting a change of scene. And remember the old cliché: it’s about the journey, not the destination.

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