The Shreaded Pro: Five Exercises That You Should Do As Soon As You Wake Up

We know, we know: getting up in the morning is hard. Even if you’re the most committed person in the world, there’s just something about your bed in the early morning that makes it the most comfortable thing on Earth. But fight those impulses, because ShreadedPro is bringing you a list of exercises that you should do as soon as you peel yourself away from the mattress.


Number 1: Do a Full Warm Up First.

This might be a no-brainer, but it’s important to warm up completely before you jump into the heat of a workout. Trying to do complicated yoga moves with unstretched muscles can cause tearing and straining. Remember to stretch your hamstrings, hips, and shoulders; throw in a little cardio, too, to get your heart rate up!


Number 2: Do some squats.

Squats are great for mobility. In order to do a squat, bend your knees with your arms out. With your thighs parallel to the floor, tighten your abs and push your butt out. Hold this for five seconds, and repeat. You can even incorporate light weights into this routine to add some challenge.


Number 3: The Dead Bug.

The Dead Bug is a yoga move that not many have heard of. However, it helps strengthen your core, and can prevent back pain later on. Lay with your back on the floor, your legs raised so your knees are parallel to your hips, and your hands raised parallel to your shoulders with your fists facing each other. Then, keeping your back flat on the floor, lower your left leg and your right arm so they’re almost touching the floor. Hold for five seconds, raise them back up, and repeat on the other side.


Number 4: Downward Dog

The classic Downward Dog is great for waking up both your body and brain. Stand on all fours with your hands and feet aligned, and then push your hips up so you’re standing on your tippy-toes and your back is arched. Hold it for as long as you can.


Number 5: Tree Pose

The tree pose is another classic yoga move that can work out your legs and core, and focus your mind. All you have to do for the tree pose is stand straight, and slowly raise one of your legs to rest on the other leg’s knee.  Balance like that, while holding your hands in the prayer position or above your head.


If you’ve completed all of these exercises first thing in the morning, well done! You have truly impressive willpower. And to all of you who only managed to complete one or two exercises, congrats! You’re looking out for yourself and working out at your level of comfort. Go treat yourself to a big breakfast– you’ve earned it!

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