The Lux Belle: 5 COVID-Safe Outings That You Can Wear A Statement Purse To

We get it. You bought that statement purse (hopefully from us), and then realized that parties, clubs, and indoor dining are restricted now. Luckily, at the Lux Belle, we believe that with enough confidence, a statement purse can be worn any time. Here’s a list of places you can show off your quirky new bag, while remaining safe.

Number 1: A Walk Around the Neighborhood

Think about it. A walk around your neighborhood these days is basically a fashion show for all of your neighbors. Embrace it! Throw on your glittery purse, do some dramatic nighttime makeup, and wow all the dog-walkers and gardeners that are lucky enough to see you strutting down the sidewalk.

Number 2: A Trip to the Grocery Store

The grocery store is one of those places that everyone has to go to, even in the middle of a pandemic. Since you have to bring a purse anyway, why not go all out? All the other people in the produce section will envy your popcorn-shaped bag.

Number 3: Go Out Ice Skating

It’s still outdoor ice-skating season, after all! Enjoy it while you can! And if you’d prefer not to rent one of those unsanitary lockers, a statement cross-body bag is just the thing to show off as you twirl around.

Number 4: Arrange a Distanced Picnic

If you have a cute purse, you want to show it off to your friends, right? In a pandemic, a distanced picnic is a great opportunity for this. Bring your own food, or get takeout, and eat together in a park. And be sure to “casually” point out your cool purse in the process, of course.

Number 5: Eat Outdoors at a Restaurant

Many restaurants have opened up outdoor seating for pandemic use. Bring your family, friends, or roommates to one of these places, along with your favorite statement purse. When you whip it out to pay, you’re bound to get a compliment or two.

Don’t let pandemic fatigue prevent you from having fun, and staying fashionable. Be safe, stylish, and outspoken.

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